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New York

District 19 New York Tournament Champions

The Little League "All-Star" tournament begins on June 15th of each year. That is when teams can be announced and practice begins. It can be an exciting and rewarding time for those players chosen to represent their respective leagues. All players enter the tournament with the hope of being the team that wins the World Series of their division.

There are 5 levels that each team must progress through to be the World Series champion:

District - In our District we begin play aournd the end of June or beginning of July. There are 30 leagues in our district. We play a double-elimination format meaning that each team is still in the tournament until they lose two games.
Sectional - We are a part of Section 4. The winners of our district move on to play the winners of other districts in our section. The districts in our section include 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and 33.
State - New York state has six sections. The winner of each section now plays for the right to be called New York State Champion. The New York website is located here -> http://www.nysll.org/. The 9-10 and 10-11 divisions stop at this level.
Regional - The winner of the State round now moves on to play the winners of other states. We are in the Eastern Region of Little League Baseball. Winners from this level now move on to play in the World Series
World Series - This is the final round of play in all Little League divisions. Teams from all over the world meet to determine who will be champion. The most famous division is the Little League division which consists of players age 11 and 12 and these games are played in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, the birthplace of Little League and home to Little League Headquarters. These games have been broadcast on television for over 20 years. Starting in 2008, all divisions' World Series have been broadcast.
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