District 19 New York 2017 All-Star Tournament

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Welcome to District 19 2017 Tournament Site
    Updates to game information -

As a reminder - Tournament officials (Director, Umpires, Official Scorer, Pitch Counter) are only to talk to the managers and coaches of the teams. If a person outside the dugout is keeping the scorebook or pitch count for a team, they should relay the information to the manager or coach who will then talk to the tournament officials. Thank you for your understanding.

Winning team is to email the Times Herald Record with game results at sports@th-record.com

Tournament Director is to call ADA listed at top of brackets with game results.


9-11 Baseball - Tonight's game has been cancelled.  It is re-scheduled for tomorrow in mamakating at 12:00 noon.  Check bracket for further updates.


Junior BB - Games 3 and 4 have switched locations

Town of Wallkill has cancelled games at their fields for tonight.  10-12 Baseball Championship Bracket and 9-11 Softball Bracket have been updated.  TBA games will be filled in as fields become available.


Brackets are updated with today's results.  10-12 BB Bracket D Game 6 will be played in Mamakating at 10:00 am.  That is the correct time.  They are also hosting a game at 1:00 which is reason for early start time.


All brackets updated with new dates and times for those games that did not get played last night or that had to be suspended.  Thank you to all the leagues that did their best to get games in last night.

Just a reminder to all teams. When weather affects the fields, they may not be in optimum or pristine conditions but if the host league deems them playable then the game should be played.  Also, teams should offer to help get the fields ready.  The more hands working a field, the quicker it will be done.  We are on a tight schedule and can't afford delays just because a team doesn't like the field.


8-10 Softball Bracket A - Game location changed to Warwick
10-12 Softball Championship Bracket - Game 3 changed to Pine Bush


10-12 Softball Bracket A - Game 9 has a delayed start time till 1:00 pm.


Senior BB - brackets A and B games 7 have switched locations.


Intermediate Baseball - Games 7 and 8 have location changes
Junior SB - Games 3 and 4 have location changes


Sr Baseball - Bracket B - Game 4 start time is set at 7:45 pm due to double booking of field in Washingtonville.  Senior BB will start once previious game is finished.

Remember to check all brackets for any changes to schedules.


Brackets Updated from rained out games.  Three games still need locations and are identified as TBA.  Will be filled in as soon as information is given.

NOTE:  intermediate bracket completely changed due to school functions.  Make note of all changes


Games at the following locations are cancelled for today.  Brackets will be updated with new dates and times later tonight:

As of 4:45 PM -
Town of Newburgh
Wallkill Area
Monroe Woodbury
New Windsor

  06/15/17 10-12 Softball - Bracket B locations clarified for games 4, 5, and 6

8-10 Baseball - Team dropped - Brackets B, C, D updated
Junior Baseball - Game 1 - time change

  06/12/17 Senior BB - Location and time change for Bracket B game 1.

8-10 Softball - Location changes for game 1 in Bracket A, games 1, 2, and 4 in Bracket B
9-11 Softball - Otisville Minisink listed twice - fixed, Location change for game 2
Junior Baseball - team dropped - bracket updated with only 4 teams now

"Games Hosted by League" dates fixed


Intermediate Baseball: Game 1 - date and location change, Game 2 - location change, Wrong team in bracket (My mistake)
8-10 Softball - Team added to Bracket B - Start date for bracket B is now 6/24
9-11 Softball - Team removed - Bracket updated with 4 teams

  06/11/17 Schedules Released - Good Luck to All!