District 19 New York 2017 All-Star Tournament

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10-12 Bracket A | Bracket B | Championship |
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Welcome to District 19 2017 Tournament Site.

Directions to Fields

  District 19 tournament updates and news - Check here daily for updates
  Tournament Resources - Use this link to go to the Little League website for tournament information.
    Games hosted by location
  If there are any differences between a paper copy and website, website is the correct version!
  All game results must be given to the ADA listed at the top of each bracket by the tournament director. This is needed to update this website.

Newspaper Reporting Instructions:

The winning team must email the Times-Herald Record at sports@th-record.com and give them the results.  You can only email the results, no phone calls will be taken.  Use this form for information to be given.

You must have results in by 9:00 pm in order for them to be in the paper.

Below are the instructions from the Times-Herald Record on how to report games:

The Times Herald-Record welcomes results from the Little League district all-star tournaments. Coaches or team managers who will be reporting results are asked to follow these guidelines to ensure consistency and accuracy:

  • Times Herald Record All-Star results reporting sheet
  • Email information to sports@th-record.com if possible.
  •           Do NOT email games that are day or days old.
  • Deadline is 9:00 pm. Games not accepted after that time
  • First and Last Name for BOTH teams - Please have the correct spelling of the player’s name
  • Who your team is playing next, when and where if known
  In case of inclement weather -
Go to the field of the game that is scheduled, do not assume game is cancelled; unless notified by District Administrator, ADA or the field Tournament Director. If you have not been notified or have any doubts, go to the field.

If a game is cancelled or postponed for any reason check the schedule for changes.

Only the Tournament Director at the field of the scheduled game can cancel a game because of weather.

Only the District Administrator can cancel games other than for weather.

  No game can be changed for any reason without the approval of the District Administrator.

Food: for Players and Coaches

A) Please Call ahead if you do not want to have the team feed at the game
B) The cost will be $40.00 per team and it must be paid when you arrive at the field
C) Games scheduled on Goshen fields, check with the site prior to be sure that the Concession Stand will be available for your game

  Call Bristol (1-860-585-4730) for any protest. This should be done immediately with the managers, umpire and Tournament Director present
  No cell phones are allowed in the dugout or on the playing field.
  NOTE: District 19 reserves the right to change any division to single elimination if the need arises.